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Our strategy is to remain the company of choice providing the most innovative and leading-edge training and coaching products and services that unleash potential.

Kinetic Solutions – Your Potential in Motion Pty Ltd is a diverse company with a focus on unleashing people’s full potential. We believe in the value of people achieving their dreams.

Kinetic Energy is the energy an object possesses while it is moving. When an object is stationary, it is full of Potential Energy.

We believe this is a tremendous analogy for life… if we remain stationary, we have potential, but that energy lays dormant. If we are moving that energy is transformed into power!

We have a passion to keep people moving.


Diversity, Strength and Accountability

With more than 25 years as a business and leadership professional, Tanya has achieved some of the highest levels of management in one of Australia's largest corporates.

Tanya has mastered the development and delivery of exception people-focused strategies. With proven outcomes, Tanya has continuously delivered business growth that results in developing high-performance workplace cultures.

Tanya seeks excellence from every engagement and through the execution of strategies has been responsible for driving perpetual value back to businesses, staff and their clients.

With a broad depth of experience in Finance, Banking and Pharmaceuticals, Tanya acquired the aptitude, strategic capability, stakeholder influence and confidence to start and scale Kinetic Solutions which is now positioned to become a leader in helping others reach their full potential.

Kinetic Solutions
Your Potential in Motion Pty Ltd


"To activate potential through leading training, coaching, mentoring and support."



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